glow from within your microbiome

your body is a world of its own—every person has a unique microbiome that contains a thriving ecosystem of bacteria and other organisms that form colonies found all over and inside your body, especially in your gut and on your skin

the path to a healthy microbiome 

a healthy microbiome starts with a nutritionally diverse diet, limited sugar intake, daily movement, and optimal sleep.

Healthy lifestyle = healthy microbiome.

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feed your good bugs with good food

the good bugs in your system feast on prebiotics, while we feel and see the benefits: improved digestion, better looking skin, better mental wellbeing, and healthier immune system.

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activate your inside-out glow with green banana!

green banana, aka unripe banana, is a favorite food of your good bugs. It also lowers blood sugar levels, so you feel more satisfied—and happier—between mealtimes!

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